Danny Lippitt 

Born in Georgia, USA, Danny Lippitt later escaped to New Orleans where he immersed himself in the swampy gumbo of music and emerged Danny “the Lip”.  He played his harmonica until the wee hours on famous Bourbon Street, sat in with local bands, and cut his teeth with some of New Orleans’ best.  In 2002, he packed his bag and moved out to Barcelona, Spain to try his hand in the European music scene.  He started a blues band called Mojo Hand, got together some jazz cats for a weekly jam called The Session, then later went on to form the house band The Lowdown at Barcelona’s premier live music bar, El Paraigua.  Working with a wide variety of styles and musicians (other original groups include The Gangsters of Love and Dirty Santos), Danny “the Lip” has established himself in the heart of the Barcelona music scene as a highly repected singer and harmonica player and is gaining recognition around Europe for his vanguard projects and his top caliber musicians.  From blues festivals, sweaty bars to high-end clubs, Danny “the Lip” brings soul/funk/rock/blues/punk/rockabilly to the people with passion and authority.  He’s the real deal.