Pedro Misle Mogollón.

Born(1975) and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.  His first contact with the bass was at  age of seventeen, in highschool. He is one of the rare cases that did not play guitar first, he went directly for the bass and has been playing it ever since. Pedro has no formal music studies but has been on stage for ever and this you can see. He is a bass player with strong personality both on and off stage.

In the early years he developed his style in the Venezuelan music circuit. He played with LUZ VERDE ( and  rc2( with whom he recorded three Cds: Cinema Cero(Luz Verde, 2000), rc2(rc2, 2002) and Rocanrol(Luz Verde, 2004) and did several national tours. In 1999 was nominated as one of the best rock bass players of Venezuela in the Urbe Rock Awards. In 2000 - 2002 he was sponsored by Yamaha Venezuela and taught several classes and seminars for the brand.