Marc Curcio

Marc Curcio was Born and raised hell in Washington DC with a healthy dose of punk rock, metal, go go, rock n roll and hip-hop where he played in the classic punk band PUREVIL and later JIMI SIN, KILL CITY and WORD MADE FLESH. Later he moved to SAN FRANCISCO where he rock n rolled, punk rocked, metaled out and freaked out and played in BIG BLUE HEARTS (Geffen Records), THE BADDASTARDS, THE SISTER KISSERS, SURREAL AVENGERS, MASONIC SUPERGROUP and TINY . And he was also regularly seen on-stage with ERIC MCFADDEN (George Clinton & P-Funk), PAT MACDONALD (Tumbuck 3), and SHAUNNA HALL (4 Non-Blondes, George Clinton and P-Funk).

After escaping the USA he ended up in Barcelona Spain  playing with The Gangsters of Love, Bannister Ride and The Lowdown. Now he destroys things with DIRTY SANTOS.